Copynite 25th Anniversary Design Contest

In November we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Copynite.
To celebrate this big happening we want to offer a poloshirt with embroidery to every participant of Copynite.
To make this embroidered polo a piece of art and something to remember Copynite for a long time to come, we will organise a design competition.

The rules are simple:

  • You make a design, maximum 4 colors allowed (to save cost embroidering it onto the shirts)
  • Stichting Connected Freedom will become the owner of your design, allowing it to be used as we see fit
  • The shirt must contain at least the following text: Copynite, 25th Anniversary, 1991-2016.
  • All designs must be entered into the competition before 4th of September 2016 in Vector or very high resolution image (or both)
  • Then they will be displayed and people can vote what design they like most.
    • If your design is chosen you will receive a sweatvest (next to the shirt) with the design embroidered on it for free, this vest will be handed to you on the opening event.

So start designing and make us a cool design. Everyone can enter the competition!